Welcome to YWAM Mombasa: Transforming Lives, Impacting Communities

At Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Mombasa, we are more than an organization; we are a diverse and dynamic community united by a shared passion for missions and a commitment to positive change. Explore with us as we delve into who we are, what we stand for, and the transformative journey we embark on together.


Who We Are:

At the heart of YWAM Mombasa beats the pulse of a global movement dedicated to bringing hope, love, and practical assistance to communities around the world. Established [insert founding year], YWAM Mombasa has been a vital part of this mission, leaving a lasting impact on the beautiful coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya.

Our mission is to know God and make Him known. We believe in the power of personal and community transformation through love, service, and sharing the message of hope. YWAM Mombasa is committed to addressing the needs of society with a holistic approach, integrating faith, compassion, and practical action.

Our Mission:

What We Do:

  1. Training and Equipping: Through our training programs, we equip individuals with the skills, knowledge, and spiritual foundation needed for effective and sustainable outreach. Through this we run 2 Discipleship Training Schools a year and a School of Biblical Studies which will be beggining here soon.
  2. Missions and Outreach: From local community initiatives to international missions, YWAM Mombasa is actively involved in projects that address social, educational, and spiritual needs. We currently run; A Prison ministry, Mercy ministry, Jigger ministry, Schools ministry…etc
  3. Community Development: We are dedicated to fostering positive change at the grassroots level, working alongside communities to build a better future.